Aerial Photography

We are certified and insured to operate commercial UAV’s in the UK, Belgium and France. We have provided aerial filming services in Kenya, for the ITV series, ‘Slow Train Through Africa’ with Gryff Rhys Jones, the Herbert Ostwald wild life film, “Giraffe Up High & Personal” for Terra Mater and a complete production for Farmland Aviation, the pre-eminent provider of aerial spray services for agriculture in East Africa; in France for the American Battle Monuments Commission, a slew of Theme Parks, the MSC Shipping Line and various French TV productions; and in the USA for the Norfolk Southern Railroad Corporation.

Although we have been providing aerial filming services from a time before the word ‘drone’ became associated with remote aerial photography, this ubiquitous multi-rotor aircraft is now the principle camera platform for the bulk of our clients’ projects.

For select projects where regulations permit, we still maintain and operate a traditional single-rotor industrial helicopter camera platform that is built to fly a 12kg payload all day long. With extended flight times of up to 55 minutes before re-fueling, it holds a significant advantage over the limited flight times of battery powered ‘drones’.


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